Axel Braun - work and projects

Die Technik muss grausam sein, wenn sie sich durchsetzen will. – 2015 – Kunstmuseum Bochum


Installation view Technology must be cruel in order to assert itself.
2 framed Lightjet prints, 2 wall texts, furniture of RWE corporate headquarters (Essen), 2 research folders, 1 artist book

The project on controversies around hydro power stations in several countries of Western Europe (2011-12) was shown in context with Dragonflies drift downstream on a river (2014-15). Both projects belong to the long-term research project Towards an Understanding of Anthropocene Landscapes.


The installation was part of the group show

“VISIT 2010 – 2015 – Stipendiaten der RWE Stiftung” at Kunstmuseum Bochum
13 June to 6 September 2015

The first exhibition of Technology must be cruel in order to assert itself was presented in the corporate headquarters of RWE AG in Essen (2012).