Axel Braun - work and projects


The beauty of a volatile phenomena, a magic moment, has often already passed as soon as one could recognise it. Usually this is percieved as a frustrating moment. Hence it seems to be a human desire to keep hold of it - at least by the means of a picture.

Architectural structures are separating insides and outsides from each other. Windows and artificial lights can cause light projections that illustrate complex spacial relations. At the same time they are fascinating because of their immateriality.

For my degree presentation at École des Beaux-Arts de Paris I realised a work which is related to a previous project, waiting for the magic moment. Preceded by an analysis of the relation between the artificially illuminated public space to the dark and private space of the studio, I tried to keep hold of the light projections on the walls. During four nights a drawing performance was held, in which I retraced all the light projections on the walls with a simple clutch pen.