Axel Braun - work and projects

waiting for the magic moment

The rooms of the Atelier Boltanski at École des Beaux-Arts de Paris are directed to the Quai Malaquais, the river banks of the river Seine. At night the street lights project the shape of the window frames to the walls of the studio. From time to time the bateaux mouches are passing on the river, tourist boats, armed with a large number of spot lights to illuminate the facades along the Seine. For the time of the passage the projections of the window frames become animated and the light starts to move along the walls.

Modified ektachromes, two Kodak Carousel projectors and a dissolve control were the means to authentically reconstruct this light effect. Just the duration of the procedure is stretched extremely. For 38 minutes only the slightly flickering initial image is visible - which is normally caused by the street lights on Quai Malaquais. The magic moment, in contrast, is just visible for about 7 minutes.

Hence it depends a lot on the viewers' luck and / or patience if they can experience this magic moment.