Axel Braun - work and projects

Wenigstens am Bild sollte man festhalten können/
Keeping hold of the image

Since 2004 I am collecting photographs of traces on walls of abandoned living spaces. I am particularly interested in traces that are caused by the interaction of light, matter and especially time. These imprints of furniture and wall decoration have a lot of similarities with photographic representations. They are references to the (passed) existence of an individual.

The high resolution reproductions of these volatile traces are collected in archive files. For exhibitions the traces are presented in prints in scale 1:1.

In Antwerp, Essen and Dortmund one room in which traces were found was reconstructed as a theatre-like stage set. It is corresponding to the original find spot's dimensions and every picture is located in the place corresponding to the original trace's position.

In Paris (20090414001-20090512003) the floor plans of the find spots - that are also used in the archive files - have been painted to the floor of the exhibition space in scale 1:1. Archive numbers are indicating the locations of the traces in these abstractions of the original locations.